Mviewtech active 3D blending processor serves one software c

Recently Shanghai Mviewtech active 3D blending processor is used in virtual simulation system of one software company in Chengdu.

This system is using 3 sets Sharp active 3D DLP projectors with 1024X768@120Hz and 1 set MPGA20X. Client require to run EON VR software and open 3D window, and Mviewtech blending processor is capable of running any software and input up 330M, NVIDIA 3D Vision and DLP LINK 3D, all these features help to install and adjust the project in short time to fulfill customer expectation.

UHD active 3D solution based on single sever and multiple output

Branded active 3D projectors, such as Optoma, Vivitek, DP and Sharp, usually capable of 120Hz signal input, are usually used with Mviewtech MPGA20X to achieve 2 to 4 channels HD active 3D blending solution, which is mainly applied in high-end application environment, total output resolution is up 3328x800 @120Hz(3 projectors with 1280 x 800 in 1 x 3 layout)or 1792 x 1408 @120Hz(4 projectors with 1024 x 768 in 2 x 2 layout)

Table 1 typical active 3D blending solution

The active pixel rate can be figured out via F = Hact *Vact * Vr, Hact stands for active pixels in horizontal, Vact stands for active fields in vertical, Vr stands for refresh rate in vertical.

PC Graphics card output resolution is 3328x800@120Hz(3 projectors with 1280X800@120Hz,

blending overlap is 2 x256 pixels), so active pixel rate of 3328x800 @120Hz is F =

3328x800x120=318.72MHz, Mviewtech active 3D blending processor (MPGA20X) input signal

Max pixel rate is up 330MHz, removed of HBlank and VBlank, MPGA20X can easily support


As Max pixel rate is up 330MHz for Duallink DVI or Displayport input of Graphics Card, active 3D blending processor with single input support per channel resolution, channels num., and projectors layout as below: