Shanghai Mviewtech MPGP 202 serves in Shanghai Space Researc

Shanghai Mviewtech UHD active 3D blending processor (MPGP 202) is using in Shanghai Space Research Institute, which is applied in 2-projector active 3D curved screen system to achieve outer space virtual simulation environment.

If the solution is using DP C400-3D projectors with 1080P, the active pixel rate is 176.4 MHz to single projector with 1400 X1050@120Hz, and the active pixel rate is 248.832 MHz to single projector with 1920x1080@120Hz, so input pixel rate is more than 330MHz when above 2 projectors (up 1400 X1050@120Hz) blended, how to design MPGP202 input and output to achieve active 3D blending and warping solution?

Limited to single input bandwidth, the system need dual signal from Graphics Card input to MPGP202, and output 2 signals to each projector (totally 4 signals for 2 projectors). As these days high-end active 3D projector is capable of left eye and right eye dual input up 60 Hz, and PA (passive 3D to active 3D conversion) function, it is easy to convert dual 60Hz passive 3D signal to 120Hz active 3D signal.

Please refer to system diagram below using DP Projector, modeled DP-45-wuxga 3D.